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All your customer and transaction data merged into one unique customer view. The most solid basis for transaction monitoring, remediation and alerting.

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Avoid risks. Know who you're doing business with.

Being a financial institution means complying with different legislations and regulations to do business safely. It also entails paying even closer attention to new customers and screening them before acceptance. Plus, the daily monitoring of customer data and transactions of existing customers, storing this information meticulously and making it available. Because you’re constantly required to assess customers correctly and make the right decision at any moment. This is most likely something that you already do, alternating between a variety of sources, systems and applications. For you, it’s all part of the job, but we know that there’s an easier way.

In the Invenna KYC platform you merge all your customer and transaction data into one unique and complete customer view. And with this unique and complete customer view, you effortlessly apply transaction monitoring, remediation and alerting processes.


You remain in control

The platform has a flexible data model that allows you to connect data sources yourself and build a unique customer view. This way you easily unlock the data and transactions of millions of customers, no matter if they are stored in different formats and all sorts of sources and applications. You also add missing customer information by communicating with customers in an automated way. For example, via e-mail, phone, mail or other online channels.

With the complete customer view, you process alerts effortlessly. For instance, you move them across authorization lines, cluster them and link them to (external) sources like CRM, PEP-lists and sanction lists for evaluation. You’ll always build complete files. Or, in other words: quickly assess and access customer information, leading to less false positives.

For any financial institution

The Invenna KYC platform is a solution for all financial institutions. Since it focuses on transaction monitoring, remediation, and alerting, it’s particularly adequate for banks, insurers and asset managers.

The platform is directly applicable. And because we take care of the onboarding trajectory ourselves, you can rest assured that we’ll personally guide you and take all your wishes into account.

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