Enhance your data and customer strategy with proven platform technology

Create a unique 360-degree customer view with our data platform solutions. For personalization, data-driven decision-making, and compliance.

Our solutions Working together?

Data is at the core of a successful business.

To translate your business goals into results, you need technology of a customer-centric nature. With Invenna’s platform technology, we provide solutions for accessing, merging, applying, and monitoring customer data within marketing, compliance, and IT.

In the Invenna Customer Data Platform you merge all your customer data, create one unique customer view, and design customer journeys and (marketing automation) campaigns. A solution for marketers that want to be in total control. The Invenna KYC platform helps AML analysts with transaction monitoring, remediation, and alerting processes. This way, financial organizations avoid risks and are constantly aware of who they’re doing business with.

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Customer Data Platform B2C

All your customer data merged into one unique customer view. The basis for each data-driven organization.

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Customer Data Platform B2B

All your customer data merged into one unique customer view. The basis for successful market editing.

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KYC platform

All your customer and transaction data merged into one unique customer view. The most solid basis for transaction monitoring, remediation and alerting.

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Customers speak out

"Stable system, does what it promises. Helps us to comply with our legal requirements via audit trails."
"With the Invenna CDP, we’ve created a clear and uniform customer view. All the necessary subscriber information, including contact history, is gathered in one place. This way, we can communicate optimally with our (former) subscribers. The insights that we gain from the platform give input to and control over the customer journey that we’re building. Across various channels."
"That the knowledge of structuring and analyzing data to identify potential customer needs can also be used to explore non-plausible transactions has been proved by Invenna with their transaction monitoring module in the KYC platform. This allows us to more effectively fulfill our gatekeeper role."