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Real personal support.

Service is the key.

We believe that our platform technology is user-friendly to the extent that you can individually and instantly work with it. Yet, at moments when it does feel like a lot to process, we’re glad to help you!

This is exactly why we’re different: next to delivering and implementing the software, our consultants are always at the ready to offer personal support. Together we look at what could be (further) improved to make sure that you perform at your best.


Operational in four steps

Each organization has its own wishes and needs, so not every collaboration works the same. However, to give you an insight into how quickly you can be operational, we paint a picture of the general process: from introduction to onboarding.

Step 1
The first meeting

During this meeting we look at your business case(s), wishes and needs. We discuss your successes as well as your challenges. And where you could use our expertise. At the end you’ll know what to expect from us, and we’ll know what you need.

Step 2
Your journey

We discuss what is required to tackle the challenges. All of this, plus your queries and remarks, is shaped into a total plan. If this plan meets your wishes, we’ll start working on it as soon as possible. In case changes are needed, we’ll head back to the drawing board.

The meetings often involve several departments, participating in the conversation. For example, analysis, compliance, IT or marketing. The number of meetings needed depends on the complexity of your business case.

Step 3
Work agreements

If the expectations and necessities are clear, we document the work agreements. This way, everyone knows their role and we lay the foundation for a smooth collaboration.

Step 4
Start working on it together!

After documenting the work agreements, the onboarding process begins. We take care of this trajectory ourselves. This ensures you that we guide you, take your specific situation into account and always consider what has been discussed.

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Frequently asked questions

We've listed the most frequently asked questions and answered them as best as we could. So you can get on with your day in no time.

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