Customer Data Platform B2B

All your customer data merged into one unique customer view.
The basis for successful market editing.

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Growth starts with knowing and understanding customers.

As a business service provider, constantly keeping up with the market is key. Identifying the markets in which you grow or decrease and discover new opportunities. Creating daily insights into the performances of your organization and translating them into dashboards. Because new (marketing) actions depend on these factors. And always shift between campaigns as you search for the most promising target groups. Because your services or products invariably appeal to different target groups. For you, it’s all part of the job. But we know that there’s an easier way.

Invenna’s Customer Data Platform for B2B enables you to merge all your customer data into a single customer view. And with this unique customer view, you create more relevant campaigns, striking analyses and clear dashboards.


You are in control

The platform has a flexible data model that allows you to connect data sources yourself and build a unique customer view. This way, you easily retrieve millions of customer data records, no matter the variety of sources and systems that they originate from. Plus, the nature of your services is always considered. For example, whether they consist of one-time orders or long-term contracts.

With the complete customer view, you divide customers into the right segments. In the platform you create customer journeys for each segment and start hundreds of campaigns simultaneously. On top of that, you make market penetration analyses, market development reports and dashboards for marketing and sales. Swiftly, intuitively and without programming knowledge.

For business service providers

The Invenna Customer Data Platform for B2B is a solution for all business service providers. Does your clientele consist of both consumers and businesses? The platform provides all the tools to simplify this complexity. Various financial service providers, automotive suppliers and business retail organizations already use Invenna.

The platform is directly applicable. And because we take care of the onboarding trajectory ourselves, you can rest assured that we’ll personally guide you and take all your wishes into account.

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