Alert management

Configurate rules and change, sharpen and classify alerts.

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Accept and retain customers that meet your requirements.

New customers are ideally welcomed with open arms. And once they’re your customers, you like to perceive the best way possible. Yet, this usually normal approach is too open-ended for financial institutions. You need to foster a constant awareness of the risks involved in this new customer relation.

By determining the risks yourself and claiming authority in setting, changing, and sharpening the monitoring rules, you’re sure that you exclusively accept and retain customers that meet your requirements. This prevents you from unnecessary alerts and improves the monitoring of customers. This creates the essential basis to comply with legislations and regulations all the while monitoring your transactions as efficiently as possible.


With the Invenna KYC platform, you flexibly adjust to legislations and regulations to successfully monitor each (new) customer and his transactions. In the platform you configurate, sharpen and test your preset rules, leading to better alert management. On top of that, you classify these alerts and set priorities in order to always remain in control. And because we realize the importance of an audit trail: all documentation about alerts and rules is stored and made available in one place. Together with all the data concerning the processing of your alerts. This way, you are and stay compliant.

  • Manage alerts quicker and better, based on self-created rules.
  • Reduce false positives and focus on real risks.
  • Gain insight into each part of the KYC process. From the first and second line to the FIU.


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