Audit trail and reporting

Automatically generate an audit trail and flag suspicious transactions in real time.

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Document important information and act compliant.

Let’s not deny this simple fact: without compliance there’s no business. But apart from complying to all obligations, legislations and regulations, you’re required to prove that you do everything to assess and treat your customers correctly. In this respect, a complete audit trail is indispensable. Because an audit trail that documents all customer information, alerts and assessments, leads you to flag suspicious transactions quicker and provide authorities with the information they demand. Becoming a 100% compliant organization is now within reach.


The Invenna KYC platform offers one central place for all your assessments and documentation. It generates a full audit trail of all data, actions and changes, visible on a flexible dashboard at any moment. Including date-timestamp and contact history, and with complete transaction monitoring and real time analysis. This way, you easily monitor and report about each KYC process and give authorities the transparency they need.

  • Generate an audit trail of all available information.
  • Use dashboards and reports for increased insights.
  • Remain in control and monitor each KYC process.


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