Customer acceptance

Screen new customers, match them with sanction lists and document decisions.

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Assess your customers based on correct information and avoid risks.

Each new customer underlines the force of your organization. There’s a reason that they choose you above others. But that doesn’t mean that you should blindly accept every customer. Because in order to safeguard yourself, you first need to know who they are.

By gaining access to useful information during the onboarding process, it becomes easier to make an assessment and directly avoid potential risks. You improve the process of screening customers and make decisions that you fully endorse. And that’s precisely a factor that adds to your success.


The Invenna KYC platform ensures that you always have access to the information vital to each customer acceptance. From a link with (external) data sources like PEP lists and sanction lists to the Chamber of Commerce business register. By using a wide variety of data, the platform provides you with all you need to know about your potential new customer. This way, you make the best decision, which is always registered.

  • Assess customers based on relevant (external) data.
  • Screen customers more accurately and report about decisions.
  • Avoid unnecessary risks.


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