Higher conversions by creating a unified view on donors for The Netherlands Red Cross

Charity support and the number of members and donors are growing. This means an increase of (customer) data. The Netherlands Red Cross also notices this: the amount of sources and channels that process the donorships is rising. They searched for a solution to merge all these donor data, turn it into one unique customer view and gain better insights into (potential) donors. Hereby creating even more successful campaigns. We used the Customer Data Platform for B2C to bring this into manifestation. 

What started out as one man’s dream almost 160 years ago has developed into the biggest independent humanitarian aid organization over the past one and a half centuries: the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement. Since 1867, the Netherlands Red Cross has been part of it. The emergency aid organization helps people in need and strives to prevent and alleviate human suffering. Wherever in the world, every day.

Over the years, the Netherlands Red Cross has gathered a lot of donor data. This created the need for a complete donor view. In order to maintain a clear image and gain better insights into (potential) donors, integrating all data streams was an absolute must. The Red Cross began looking for a solution: one central place to accommodate all customer data.

Up to 17 million interactions in 4 years. Want to know more?

In the complete case you read how we centralized all donors and what the exact conversion increases of campaigns, gift requests and donations are.

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