More personalized donor communication for KWF Dutch Cancer Society

KWF Dutch Cancer Society wants to communicate with donors in a perfectly timed and personalized manner. A view of each donor with insight into what drives them is indispensable here. That’s why they searched for a smart platform to merge all customer data and shape this unique view. We used the Customer Data Platform for B2C to bring this into manifestation. 

KWF Dutch Cancer Society has grown into a foundation with nearly 1 million donors and approximately 140 million euros in donations. To keep the trust and support of all these donors, a good image of who they are and how to reach them best, proves important. Aiming to take a step in this direction, KWF Dutch Cancer Society looked for a way to communicate with their donors in an automated, personalized way across different (online) channels. A solution that costs them less money and allows them to do and matter more.

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In the complete case you read how we delivered a unique customer view that allows them to communicate more personally with donors and create strong (omnichannel) campaigns.

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