Millions of personalized customer interactions through journey orchestration for Mediahuis

Since 2014, Flemish Mediahuis has been dedicated to providing independent and high-quality journalism across five different countries through more than thirty news brands, including daily papers such as Gazet van Antwerpen, NRC, and The Herald.

The media group has a rich history of international acquisitions and partnerships. As a result, they have access to a vast amount of customer data stored in different systems and sources. These data are used by departments like customer service, marketing, and sales to achieve their three main objectives: providing excellent customer service, effectively engaging customers, and retaining them for the long term.

However, it can be challenging to connect with customers when their data are stored in different places, leading to an incomplete understanding of who they are.

The Invenna Customer Data Platform helps to consolidate all data sources, creating a 360-degree and unique view of each customer. Mediahuis leverages this information to organize customer contact journeys, including tailored and automated marketing campaigns for their brands. By accurately understanding and recognizing customers, they can see how each individual responds to campaign communications, and share these insights with relevant departments in real time.

We have compiled the entire case into a visually appealing format. You can click on the download button to better understand Mediahuis' data landscape and one-to-one consumer engagement marketing campaigns. The case demonstrates how the Invenna Customer Data Platform has helped them to achieve their mission of positively impacting people and society in a data-driven manner. With an impressive 23 million customer interactions, the results speak for themselves.

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