Deeper customer insights into each brand for Athora Netherlands

Athora Netherlands has many diffused (customer) datasets. As a result, important customer information is not readily available for employees and a unique customer view is missing. In order to provide their employees with this view as well as deeper insights into each customer, they wanted to use a Customer Data Platform. That's why Athora Netherlands called in the expertise of Invenna.

Athora Netherlands consists of two insurance brands: Reaal and Zwitserleven. The financial service provider offers smart solutions to customers and helps turning dreams into reality and protecting valuables. To achieve this daily, the process of merging and unifying customer data is essential. In this case you read how the Customer Data Platform for B2C succeeded in unifying the customer data of each Athora brand.

A real time unique customer view for every brand and employee. Want to know more?

In the complete case you read how we provided a unique real time customer view and which new insights are available.

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