All data integrated and a clear cross-label customer view for Athora Netherlands.


Athora Netherlands: all data integrated and a clear cross-label customer view

Athora Netherlands consists of several insurance brands and an asset management company, using diverse data sets that lack accessibility. That’s why they decided to create a single customer view, available to any employee. In this customer case study you can read how Invenna integrated all customer data and other related data into a 360-degree customer view, stretching across different labels.

The two well-known insurance brands that form part of Athora Netherlands are Zwitersleven and Reaal, accompanied by asset manager ACTIAM. The organisation strives to provide their customers with smart solutions by using innovative technologies. Athora encourages the growth of employees and continuously improves on customer-oriented services. As an advanced financial services company, they help customers in realising their dreams while securing their assets. Each and every day.



In assessing what Athora requires as an organisation, it’s clear that a single customer view, available to a large group of employees, is a good place to start. These insights form the basis for a personal and relevant customer contact strategy, suitable for Athora as well as its labels.

Onno van der Poel, Unit Manager Customer Intelligence at Athora Netherlands: “We’re aiming to build a data-driven interaction between ‘the business’ and the MI analysts. When multiple disciplines, like product marketers, can access the marketing database, it creates inspiration that generates a dialogue with the marketing analysts – call it a beautiful chemistry of push and pull. Athora believes in the future of a data-driven business model and actively engages in this development, for example by getting more employees acquainted with the customer through data insights.”



In search of a solution, Athora faced the challenge of connecting all the available customer data and other related data that is stored in a variety of back offices, data warehouses, online environments and specific applications.

The Customer Data Platform of Invenna provides Athora with a unique 360-degree customer view across multiple labels. The big advantage lies in its accessibility to all employees, making sure that all insights and possibilities of the platform are fully used.

The majority of employees works with Invenna Insights and tracks similarities and differences between customers across labels, thus analysing and identifying probabilities for upselling and cross-selling purposes. A smaller group has access to Invenna Engage, allowing them to arrange and launch campaign flows.

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