Gaining relevant insight into donors, driven by personalised communication for KWF Dutch cancer society

KWF Dutch Cancer Society aims to get the most out of their resources. In order to succeed in this, they called on the expertise of Invenna. In this customer case study you can read how the Customer Data Platform of Invenna created a unique customer view for KWF Dutch Cancer Society, resulting in more powerful omnichannel campaigns.

In 1949, Queen Wilhelmina received a National Gift of over 2 million guilders in honour of her Golden Jubilee of Government. This money was used to establish the Princess Wilhelmina Foundation for the Dutch Cancer Society. In 2007, the foundation and the society merged and became the KWF Dutch Cancer Society.


Why did they approach Invenna?

The aim of KWF Dutch cancer society

KWF Dutch Cancer Society wishes to communicate with their donors in a way that is automated, personalised, relevant and omnichannel – enabling them to do and achieve more with less money.

Arnoud Markus, Team Lead Data at KWF Dutch Cancer Society: “The people at Invenna are like their software: pragmatic, fast and flexible.”

How did Invenna make a difference?

The optimisation of targeting spending

With nearly a million donors, accounting for an estimated 140 million euros in donations, the organisation aspires to consistently optimise their targeting spending. In that respect, communicating with donors on an efficient, personalised and relevant level is a viable path to take.

In this rapidly changing world, it’s wise to build a system that facilitates an automated, omnichannel and relevant flow of content that supports donor relations. This system also needs to be user-friendly and accessible to everyone, from marketers to analysts. It significantly lowers the threshold for continuing to personalise its features and content.

The Customer Data Platform of Invenna aligns with the strategy that KWF Dutch Cancer Society pursues in ‘Turning Donations into Relations’. A personal approach, relevant communication and knowledge about the donor are at the heart of this strategy.


Omnichannel customer campaigns and communication with donors

By using the Customer Data Platform of Invenna, KWF Dutch Cancer Society has established a unique customer view, which lends itself to further analysis. These insights and analyses are translated into omnichannel campaigns, allowing KWF Dutch Cancer Society to reach their donors at the right moment, through the right channel.

Ginger van der Swart, Online Coordinator at KWF Dutch Cancer Society: “By linking our Facebook advertising account to the Invenna database, we’re able to launch super relevant and event-driven campaigns every day. This relevance increases the engagement of our target group, which is hugely important to us, and it saves us time to invest in analysis and optimisation.”

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