Artificial Intelligence (AI) for
marketers: the possibilities
and role within a CDP

The interesting possibilities for marketers and the role of AI within a CDP.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has gained popularity and influences our daily lives. For example, it has become normal for us to activate lamps through voice commands and talk to a chatbot about online orders. It equally touches business, including the work of marketers. With just one click they automate tasks and analyze data.

Amidst all these AI developments, marketers seek new options in a Customer Data Platform (CDP). What they don’t know is that CDPs already contain AI elements. To help marketers in the right direction, we explore the interesting possibilities and the role of AI in a CDP.

The possibilities of Artificial Intelligence for marketers
When marketers apply AI correctly, it results in saving time, improvements, and new insights. It enhances (among other things) these three core tasks:

1. Pattern recognition and trend analyses
AI analyzes lots of data simultaneously and indicates patterns and trends that initially had gone unnoticed. It provides marketers with a detailed insight into customer behavior, choices, and preferences. This is valuable information for data-driven decisions and the creation of effective marketing campaigns.

2. Target group segmentation
Determine which variables constitute an ideal customer segment and AI does the rest. It takes over the segmentation process so that marketers can focus on designing campaigns with personalized offers. The engagement becomes bigger, and the conversion rate higher.

3. Content marketing and web improvements
At the moment, ChatGPT is the best-known AI tool, and there are plenty of alternatives out there. Marketers use it as a source of inspiration for content development, SEO tips, and other web improvements. It shows the way and lays the foundation, yet keep in mind that it’s not flawless and it’s always up to you to review it.

The role of Artificial Intelligence in a Customer Data Platform
The rise of AI features in a CDP leads marketers to improve automated marketing activities. Among other things, it already plays a role in:

1. Realtime, personalized marketing
Segment customers and think of marketing actions based on their individual customer needs. Because AI analyzes customer interactions and gives personalized recommendations, marketers respond quicker which enables them to make the most relevant offers.

2. Complement customer data
An AI-based data analysis complements customer data with demographic, geographic and behavioral information. It also explains trends and patterns. It gives marketers customer insights that they can use in personalizing marketing campaigns.

3. Predictive analyses
Analyze historic customer data and predict the purchase intention and churn and identify the cross-selling possibilities. It provides marketers with input for acquisition and retention campaigns, the stimulation of upselling, and relevant offers.

4. Marketing automation
AI supports marketing automation and creates automated flows and campaigns. It identifies the ideal timing, channels, and messages per customer. Marketers effortlessly personalize all customer communication and save time.

Artificial Intelligence in marketing: customer-oriented service and competitive advantage
Artificial Intelligence has an impact on our lives and transforms how we approach marketing. Marketers analyze data even quicker, create the most personalized experiences, integrate improvements, and take the best decisions. Within a Customer Data Platform, AI plays an essential role in solidifying marketing actions and offering new customer insights.

Since AI developments are quickly amassing, marketers must stay up to date about the latest AI trends and understand how they can apply them. In doing this, they service customers in a better way and gain a competitive advantage.