About us

A partner for every organisation seeking to increase efficiency of (customer) data.

Geared towards your organisation and customers.

The era of digital transformation demands expert knowledge about decoding data sources, establishing successful customer journeys and merging online and offline channels.

We help you pinpoint which customer needs to be approached at what moment, with what offer and by means of which channel. The aim is to increase the value of every customer in the most efficient way – and to put it into actual practice, we’ll provide you with all the tools you need.


A sound result is in the works

Invenna has been active in the field of data and insights for over 10 years. We work for the biggest organisations spread across a diversity of branches, including banks, insurance, charity, retail and media.

We don’t shy away from talking about ourselves, simply because we’re proud of the daily difference that we make for our clients. Yet, we much prefer talking to you; about your organisation, ambitions and challenges. Together we assess how to make tomorrow rise above today. For you, and for your customers.