Invenna - as part of The Data Agency - ISO27001 certified

19 Apr 2021
Pieter Hallewas

The Data Agency has successfully completed ISO27001 certification for all its brands: an important certification that covers the information security management system. This means that after several years of optimizing security policies, Invenna, as part of The Data Agency, can now call itself ISO27001 certified.

With this certification, Invenna takes the next step in information security. Pieter Hallewas, director at Invenna: "Invenna previously had a Third Party Memorandum statement. The data center that we used already met ISO standards. With the ISO27001 certification we prove that our customers are assured of solid procedures, internal checks and a strict security policy. So above all, they are all the more certain of secured processes."

The certification is the reward for many years of effort. It's a new standard and a great step towards security and transparency. Hallewas: "We see ISO27001 as a symbol of security and trust for all our customers. We are looking forward to working more efficiently, helping customers with their own compliance processes."