How AI-driven e-mail tools boost your
e-mail marketing: 5 practical insights

Discover why AI-driven e-mail tools are valuable.

Applying the right tone in e-mails has a lot of impact on your e-mail marketing. In this spirit, our new AI-supported e-mail editor has been designed in a way that improves your customer communication.

Why are Artificial Intelligence (AI) e-mail tools so valuable? Using 5 practical insights, we’ll illustrate how AI-driven e-mail tools help in reaching target groups and getting the best out of e-mail marketing.

1. The right tone of voice
Find the balance between formal, friendly, and corporate. AI adjusts words and creates various messages. Test each variant and discover what fits best.

2. Personalized messages
Personalize e-mails based on customer preferences. AI takes into account what a customer wants and wishes and gears the content towards them. This way, customers feel understood.

3. The most effective subject line
Choose appealing subject lines and get e-mails opened. AI gives suggestions based on the e-mail content, you choose the most relevant one.

4. Test and learn
Experiment with messages and learn what works. Automated AI tests help you to swiftly discover what appeals to your customers.

5. Segmentation (data)
Deliver the right messages to the right customer (group). AI understands customer groups and even processes external segmentation data.

In short: with AI-driven e-mail tools you create the perfect balance, personalize your e-mails, and reach your customer (groups) on a personal level.

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