10 benefits of a CDP
with MDM technology

We list the 10 benefits of a CDP with MDM technology and offer a downloadable flyer.

  1. Always correct and complete customer data: a CDP merges data sources and corrects information. Customer data stays up to date and available to everyone. This way, you make the best data-driven decisions and improve data quality.
  2. Centralized data: because a CDP centralizes customer data, departments have access to the same information. You all work according to one and the same truth. This makes sharing data and collaborating easier.
  3. New customer insights and customer knowledge: in a CDP, you form one unique customer view of all your data. This customer view provides new customer insights and customer knowledge. You use this information for sharper customer segmentation and targeting.
  4. Personalized customer experience: through a CDP, you get to know your customers to the detail. You know exactly what they wish and want. By responding to this, you make marketing campaigns relevant and customer experiences personalized.
  5. Automated data management: a CDP automates your entire data management. It streamlines the tasks that require data. This saves human intervention and time, which you can spend on other projects.
  6. Grip on data protection and privacy: a CDP helps you comply with laws and regulations. You manage personal data safely and you always take the privacy of your customers into account.
  7. Higher ROI: a CDP makes customer data available for the entire organization. This helps in making well-informed choices. Because of this, data-driven decisions and initiatives measurably have a better outcome.
  8. Clear analyses and insights: a CDP makes the unique customer view broadly available. For example, in (customer) analyses. The results give insights into the customer behavior and preferences, which you subsequently clarify via dashboards.
  9. Consistent data governance: in a CDP, everyone works with the same customer data. One single policy for gathering, storing, processing and deleting customer information suffices. It’s useful and you avoid mistakes.
  10. Don’t forget: use data in all sorts of processes.
    A CDP with MDM technology doesn’t only structurally improve your customer data. You can also easily use data in all sorts of processes. From marketing and sales to IT and compliance.

Download the flyer with all 10 benefits