Frequently asked questions

Do you have a question about our platforms? The most frequently asked are listed here. Including the answers.


Questions about Connectivity

How many sources do I have to link through Invenna?

Is it possible to access big data (sources) with Invenna?

Could I add or delete sources at a later stage?

Is it possible to acquire source data batchwise?

We get our data from a data warehouse. Is Invenna still necessary?

Does Invenna have an API connector?

Questions about Analysis

Could I use R, Knime or Python?

If I purchase Invenna, do I also have to obtain a separate analytics solution?

What types of analyses can I perform with Invenna?

Is it possible to keep using different analytics software?

I want to apply machine learning. What role could Invenna play in this?

Can I apply artificial intelligence myself?

Questions about Marketing Automation

What types of campaign can I launch with Invenna?

Can I use socials as a channel?

How many campaigns can you process simultaneously?

Can Invenna be efficiently combined with e-mail marketing?

Can I also place and use tags?

Is it possible to manage offline channels such as mail and phone traffic?

Questions about Other

Is Invenna the same thing as a CRM system?

Do you provide support or training?