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Creating a personalised customer journey for each individual donor.

Creating a personalised customer journey for each individual donor.

You receive donations on a daily basis, ranging in size: from street collections to monthly recurring gifts by committed donors. Yet how do you make sure that donors remember and recognize your organisation? What frequency and channel should you apply in order to reach them? In other words: which customer journey engages your one-time supporters and builds a permanent relation with your regular donors?

Invenna creates a unique 360-degree customer view that doesn’t differentiate between online and offline. It gathers historical and current data, but also gazes into the future through predictive modelling. With our newest techniques like machine learning, we engage your customers, increase customer value and minimise churn.


The road from donation to relation starts with a complete customer view, which is something that KWF Dutch Cancer Society can confirm. They used the Customer Data Platform of Invenna to adjust customer journeys to the needs of each individual donor – an example followed by charities like Red Cross and Cordaid.

Ginger van der Swart, Online Coordinator at KWF Dutch Cancer Society: “By linking our Facebook advertising account to the Invenna database, we’re able to launch super relevant and event-driven campaigns every day. This relevance increases the engagement of our target group, which is hugely important to us, and it saves us time to invest in analysis and optimisation.”