Pieter Hallewas shares how customer remediation ensures compliance and growth

28 Sep 2023
Team Invenna

In a recent article, we discussed the crucial role that KYC platforms play in ensuring compliance with anti-money laundering regulations. Our director, Pieter Hallewas, has now written a blog post in which he explains how customer remediation not only helps financial institutions comply with legal requirements but also drives growth.

Pieter's blog post delves into four key aspects of the customer remediation process:

  1. How customers with missing data are reassessed.
  2. How financial institutions can approach customers with missing data and how to handle those who do not want to share information.
  3. The benefits of automating the customer remediation process to save costs.
  4. The right approach for customer remediation and the issues and considerations that should be considered.

If you're wondering how customer remediation can bridge the gap between compliance and value creation, then be sure to read Pieter's complete blog post. You'll discover how it can unlock new opportunities for customer loyalty and growth.

Read the full blog by Pieter Hallewas