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Brochures Invenna KYC platform and Invenna Customer Data Platform now available for download!

29 Sep 2022
Team Invenna

Data is our passion, making it more accessible and understandable is our mission. That's why we've worked on brochures that simplify the complex worlds of CDP and KYC. Accessible information for everyone that hopefully will make you more enthusiastic about working with platform technology.  

In the Invenna Customer Data Platform brochure you'll read about what the platform offers you and the benefits of working with a unique customer view. And to get you started, we also share a few use cases.

In the Invenna KYC platform brochure we'll tell how the platform merges all your customer and transaction data into one unique and complete customer view. And how you can use this unique and complete customer view to effortlessly apply transaction monitoring, remediation and alerting processes.