About us

Invenna® has been developed by Invicta.

Invicta operates at the interface of sales, marketing, communication and ICT with the goal of optimizing our clients customer intelligence. Invicta is the developer and supplier of the interactive multichannel solution Invenna®  specifically made for and by marketers.

With a creative view on data we support our relations in obtaining insight in customer behaviour. This insight results in a single customer view (360°) that can be used to optimise your company and marketing strategy for customer recruitment and retention purposes.

Our team of experienced and enthusiastic experts work closely together with you in an innovative, informal and result driven environment.

Our expertise

  • Consultancy & Analysis

    Invicta can consolidate all these different databases and files for you so that you achieve a clear and single customer view. Which customers are profitable? Which customers do not deliver a return? Which customer segments deliver growth and continuity? Invicta applies proven technologies to get to these valuable insights.

  • Management Dashboard & Reports

    Invicta has the knowledge and tools to instantly show the most relevant trends. We publish the results of your campaigns in usable overviews. If required we can optimise and automate your existing reports and dashboards.

  • External data

    Invicta is an independent intermediate who can help you with selecting external data. From experience we know the opportunities and limitations of the numerous available data sources and are happy to give you advice. Invicta has a vast network of suppliers of online and offline data. Data you need for data cleaning, validation, tagging, profiling, recruitment or lead generations.