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Tag management

Personalize online visits and customer journeys based on customer data.

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Website personalization in the blink of an eye.

There is no way around it: your online presence and engagement constitute your success. Yet, in an age where we’re overflown with information every second of the day, it’s a challenge to keep the attention of (potential) customers. That’s why it’s essential to know what web content is most viewed. And especially by whom.

By highlighting information relevant to each specific group of website visitors, you boost the number of clicks and conversion rates. This way, each online contact becomes more personal and valuable.


In the Invenna Customer Data Platform, you use all customer data to personalize your website and content for each target group. Without any programming knowledge you place (no-code) tags that apply aspects such as family phase, age and website behavior to deliver the best customer experience. And all these (new) web insights are also available for on- and offline (follow-up) campaigns.

  • Personalized web content that fits specific customer groups.
  • Easily place tags yourself.
  • Create on- and offline campaigns based on web insights.


A link to every source and channel.

You use all kinds of sources and channels, we make sure the Invenna data platforms connect to them. Browse the overview of all the connectors we work with.

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