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Master Data Management

Manage, safeguard and use customer data within one central business solution.

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Recognize customers, data and persons and instantly apply information.

Research and consultancy company Gartner already noticed it: CDP and MDM technologies are growing closer together. And they’re preferably part of one platform.*

However, such an integrated solution wasn’t available before. Even while blending the best of these two worlds could open a variety of new doors for applications in, among others, analyses, CDD or Know Your Customer processes and marketing. This way, you continuously recognize customers, data and persons and instantly apply all this information. Thus, we felt that it was time to cross boundaries and simplify and accelerate your work.

*Hawker, M. (2021, 12 August). We Have MDM Software, So Why Would We Need a CDP? Gartner.


The Invenna Customer Data Platform is the first CDP in the Benelux that contains MDM technology. As you’re used to, we allow you to document, interpret and use customer data. But from now on, you’re also able to verify, correct and manage unique identities. This means one central business solution, for situations when the identity of a customer needs to be correct beyond any doubt. You achieve flawless data quality, make sharp risk assessments and create customer journeys and personalized marketing campaigns. By managing, safeguarding and using data in one central place, your organization stays compliant and you communicate more relevantly with customers, citizens and companies. And all of this is based on proven technology, with ingredients like natural language processing and fuzzy logic techniques, a matching engine that recognizes patterns and the unique customer view.

  • One central solution for compliance, IT and marketing. Available across all of Europe.
  • Technology that builds on 3 decades of successful use.
  • Improve your customer insights, make the right decisions and minimize business risks.
  • Communicate in a more personal way through the unique customer view.


A link to every source and channel.

You use all kinds of sources and channels, we make sure the Invenna data platforms connect to them. Browse the overview of all the connectors we work with.

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