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Data engineering

Merge customer data, access each source and channel and share the unique customer view.

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All your customer data merged, unlocked and available.

Your organization is not the only one growing: the amount of customer data within your organization is also rising.

To remain successful, you need to avoid fragmentation of all this data. You achieve this by merging customer data, structuring it, unlocking it and making it available. This way, you easily form one unique customer view and remain in control. And this proves less complicated and time consuming than you might think.


With the Invenna Customer Data Platform, you get a grip on all incoming and outgoing data streams. Even if this data is stored in different formats, applications, sources and systems. The platform merges all customer data (sets), unlocks any data source and channel, and validates the data. And you build (no-code) ETL processes without programming knowledge.

  • Combine all data, in any possible form and from all touchpoints.
  • Make all customer data and the unique customer view available centrally.
  • Create structural processes and manage your workflow.


A link to every source and channel.

You use all kinds of sources and channels, we make sure the Invenna data platforms connect to them. Browse the overview of all the connectors we work with.

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