KYC Made Easy

Invenna consolidates customer and transaction data into a unique customer view that enables organisations to establish a full insight on every individual customer and his or her behaviour. This data is the foundation for a robust Anti Money Laundering (AML) and Transaction Monitoring Processes.

Transaction monitoring

Invenna provides an intuitive data integration suite. This allows sources to be connected or disconnected at any time whilst securing continuous progress of your Transaction Monitoring. If required Invenna will also use your historical data and moreover offers the possibility to apply Transaction Monitoring retrospectively with a ‘look-back’ function.

Invenna generates alerts that can be followed up by AML analysts. Alerts generated using advanced (customer) identification, uncomplicated integration and application of business rules, embedding of PEP and CTF list and applying predictive models.

Invenna offers a full suite to both first line as second line AML analysts, they do not need to also use other systems such as a CRM system. The number of false positives can be reduced and at the same time true positives can be directly shared, if needed, with internal and external stakeholders such as the FIU.


Closed-loop system for succesfull transaction monitoring

Invenna offers a closed-loop system for successful transaction monitoring, comprehensive (rules) documentation, a start to finish audit trail and all the tools to provide risk and compliance teams with information required for decision making and reporting.
Through the integrated communication flow builder you can inform or survey customers by email, text message, phone or letter. The resolution process to collect missing information, such as for example contra accounts, can be executed with Invenna with fully automated processes. You are and will always be in control in defining the channels used and timing of communication. Rules and definitions can always be easily adjusted depending on the situation.


Invenna kyc platform for financial services providers

The Invenna Know Your Customer Platform, targeted in transaction monitoring and remediation is primarily but not exclusively available to financial services providers such as banks and insurers

Currently Invenna is used successfully by some of the largest Dutch major banks and investment companies.

Overview functionality

Alerts & alert management

  • Rule-based Alerts, easy to adjust and/or fine-tuned.
  • Fully configurable rules and rule sets.
  • Alerts with risk classification.
  • No-code application.
  • Anomaly detection.
  • Data Vault for data not in use but needs to be held.
  • Application of (Artificial Intelligence) forecasting models:
    • direct integration, if required, with R and Python.

Alert handling

  • Alerts via generic data view or Kanban board.
  • Configurable Wiki with ruling-documentation.
  • Definable Workspaces and sprints.
  • Streamlined and configurable workflow.
  • Full audit trail available that can be shared internally and externally.
  • Direct FIU-reporting via xml.

Enhanced customer profiles

  • Profiles with current and historical transaction behaviour.
  • Peergroup comparison.
  • Historical data.
  • Matching with sanction lists.
  • Enrichment of profiles with all information from the TM process in progress.
  • All relevant KYC, CDD, CRM and other (external) customer data in one place.


  • Customisable intuitive User Interface to design communication flows and direct any channel automatically.
  • Automated collection of additional information and integrate in the customer view.
  • Alerting completed remediation processes and automated decision making for further continuation or closure.


because closed-loop kyc is more than just the best software.

At Invenna we like to go the extra mile: in addition to delivering and implementing our software, we also offer support. Because we do not use implementation partners and take care of the entire onboarding process ourselves, you can be sure that we will guide you personally and that your wishes will have a direct impact on our solutions. Our consultants and analysts have extensive experience in the optimal design of the transaction monitoring process and know the best-practices of the business rules, which fit the current laws and regulations. And of course they are happy to help you build analyses, embed AI, or create dashboards and reports. Together we look at what might can be done better. And that makes us unique.

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