The Data Agency boosts its position by aquiring Invicta, the organisation behind Customer Data Platform Invenna.

Amsterdam / Nieuwegein, 12 August 2020 – The Data Agency, consisting of the brands EDM, GeoMarktprofiel, Human Inference and LynqID, announces the acquisition of Invicta. This development aligns with the strategy of the group that issued its inception last month.

“The acquisition is our first step as a group. By adding Invicta to the portfolio of The Data Agency, we consolidate our position in the field of database management,” explains Frank de Beun, CEO of The Data Agency. Invicta specialises in data-driven marketing and brings years of experience in decoding (big) data sources, the application of artificial intelligence, creating a successful customer journey and building an omnichannel strategy and environment.

Invicta is the organisation behind the Customer Data Platform Invenna; the hub that arranges and manages a 360-degree customer view. Frank de Beun elaborates: “The platform seamlessly connects to the proposition of LynqID and serves as an extension of the proposition of Human Inference. It unites the brands that are part of The Data Agency. With Invicta we’re able to deliver even better insights for our clients.”

“We’re proud to be joining The Data Agency,” says Pieter Hallewas, CEO of Invicta. “Invicta is a great addition to the group and by working together with the other brands we’re able to extend our expertise and accelerate the development of our software. This will benefit the customers of Invicta as well as EDM, GeoMarktprofiel, Human Inference and LynqID. Combining the software, knowledge and data that the group represents, is the next logical step in the further integration of serious data-driven business, providing them with new possibilities.”

The specialisms of The Data Agency
In July, The Data Agency introduced the foundation of a new group, formed by EDM, GeoMarktprofiel, Human Inference and LynqID. Technology, data and analysis are the connecting elements between the brands, yet each brand has its own focus. The software solutions of Human Inference play a crucial role in compliance management and Know Your Customer processes of organisations and government agencies; they protect customer data and create a single customer view. The Customer Data Platform of LynqID combines expertise, technology and information into a 360-degree customer view and services organisations that wish to communicate with their customers on a cross-channel level. EDM specialises in the creation of a correct and current customer database, arranging and applying target groups for online and offline customer acquisition and solid lead management. And GeomarktProfiel uses reliable geographic segmentation data and analyses to provide a complete and relevant view of customers and markets, allowing organisations to make better data-driven decisions.