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Gartner® guide: 'What is — and isn't — a Customer Data Platform'

The benefits, what the platform offers and how it differs from other technologies.

It may be new to you, but we've known it for years: a Customer Data Platform helps marketers achieve goals and makes analysts' jobs easier. But if you're newly introduced to the CDP world, it's understandable that you don't know all the benefits. By reviewing its key features and learning more about what it offers, you'll effortlessly determine whether the technology belongs in your martech roadmap and workflow. And if it's worth the investment.

Download the Gartner® guide What is - and isn't - a Customer Data Platform and find out all about a CDP: its benefits, what it offers and how it differs from other technologies.

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Gartner, A Guide to What Is — and Isn’t — a Customer Data Platform, 2 March 2022, By Lizzy Foo Kune, Benjamin Bloom.
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