The cultural sector

The most accurate offer for each visitor, subscriber or member.

Generate more visitors, subscribers or members through personalised interaction.

What do museums, sports associations, the catering industry and theme parks have in common? They invariably interact with their visitors, subscribers or members on a daily basis; consumers that are constantly exploring and receiving various offers to enrich their spare time. And, in turn, what do all these consumers share? The fact that through relevant, personalised and focused interaction, they are open to accept a fitting offer from your organisation – given that it reaches them at the right moment and through the right channel.

Invenna creates a unique 360-degree customer view that doesn’t differentiate between online and offline. It gathers historical and current data, but also gazes into the future through predictive modelling. With our newest techniques like machine learning, we engage your customers, increase customer value and minimise churn.

A complete customer view enables you to grab and hold the attention of your visitors, subscribers and members. This is certainly the case for Dutch Museums Association, known for the Netherlands Museum Pass. They used the Customer Data Platform of Invenna in creating customer journeys for each individual subscriber.

Netherlands Museum Pass Management: “Invenna helps us to gain insight into the behaviour, preferences and needs of our subscribers. We can now limit customer churn by communicating with them on a relevant and personalised basis and thus bind our subscribers.”