Stay on top of mind with subscribers and customers by
increasing the relevance of your communication.

Captivate your subscribers, customers and users.

Never has it been more important to imprint the value of your product or service in the minds of your subscribers, customers and users. This can be achieved by understanding the preferences and needs of your audience, allowing you to communicate with them as relevant and personalised as possible.

Invenna creates a unique 360-degree customer view that doesn’t differentiate between online and offline. It gathers historical and current data, but also gazes into the future through predictive modelling. With our newest techniques like machine learning, we engage your customers, increase customer value and minimise churn.

A complete customer view enables you to capture and hold the interest of your subscribers. KRO-NCRV serves as a good example. They use the Customer Data Platform of Invenna in designing customer journeys for each of their subscribers, customers and users. Another media-oriented organisation that uses the software is Mediahuis, formerly known as TMG.

Kirsten Andres, Head of Communication at KRO-NCRV: “We want to get closer to our members, subscribers and relations. By creating a 360-degree customer view with Invenna, we’re able to get better insights into their wishes and needs and how to connect with them on a more frequent basis, yet through inspiring, relevant and personalised communication across all channels. Invenna brings this clarity to the surface, for us and our employees.”