Invenna Tag Manager

With Tag Manager Invenna offers marketers functionality to independently place tags on websites and in email messages for the collection of data and to be able to use website visits as campaign triggers.


    Most well known and widely used tag management systems have the objective to measure, analyse and report website traffic and visits. The data structure has been set up to enable fast and accurate reporting but often does not offer sufficient flexibility and data is offered on an aggregated (anonymous) level. These systems do not have simple real-time connections with other environments and applications such as marketing databases. And if they do these are expensive and data is offered in batches only.

  • ADD-ON

    Invenna Tag Manager is a perfect complementary add-on to existing tag management systems specifically behind log-in (the identity of a customer is known behind log-in). Marketers are provided with control, without the need from webmasters, on potential campaign and customer journey triggers (viewing specific information, filling in forms, abandoning baskets, repeat visits).


    The Invenna Tag Manager offers uncomplicated tagging functionality. In batch and real/time.

Invenna Tag Manager integrates seamlessly with Invenna Engage; therefore a website activity can lead to an immediate start of a scheduled Engage campaign.