Invenna Link

High precision matching module.


    Advanced identification and matching technology to create and maintain an accurate as possible single customer view within an Invenna platform.

  • Single customer view

    InvennaLink can establish the most accurate single customer view possible for organisations who have customer data in multiple independent systems  by using the customer touch point information (e.g. name, address, email, phone numbers) that these systems contain.


    InvennaLink can take into account the many different ways in which data is captured (by staff and customers themselves) and also duplicate entries. InvennaLink is able to interpret differences in orthography (abbreviations, typing errors, phonetic similarities) and determines which individuals are very likely the same. Each organisation can set its own required accuracy and matching levels and apply a unique and persistent InvennaLink number to all records. InvennaLink can be set-up to apply your specific requirements and wishes.